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Pucker up, Beautiful.
20 January 2011 @ 03:01 pm
I joined Weight Watchers a week ago and I've already lost 4 pounds! I think I might start a photo diary of myself, so I can see how much weight I've lost and where. Hopefully it'll keep me inspired to continue doing this! It has been pretty easy so far, anyway, or atleast Weight Watchers has.. I'm also doing a workout video and it's killer! It's called the 30 day shred and you only do it 20 minutes a day but after 3 minutes I'm dying! And that's just level one.. there are three. It is getting easier, though!

When I locate my camera cord then I'll start uploading photos! Maybe one a month or every three weeks.. something like that. Not too often, so I can really see the difference.

In other news, It's been fun decorating and destroying our new home. It's all coming together so perfectly. There's a lot left to do like get some inside doors! Hah. But I think considering the amount of time we've been living here that we've gotten loads done. I have photos of that aswell but there's still so much boxed up that I've been unable to locate my camera cord! I'm really pleased with the bedroom, though.. it's definately my dream room! It looks like it came out of a magazine.. I suppose a lot of the ideas did. Hehe.

We're also planning to get puppies soon! Two next christmas. We just need to save up first! I'm not sure what we'll get yet.. we've been arguing about it quite a bit. I want two small dogs as we work full time and although, we live close to work.. we still can't come home for lunch. So, The dogs will be left from 7-3. Now, Fair enough they'll be sleeping most of the morning and I plan to walk them before work.. and after. But I still don't think that's fair on big dogs! Small dogs don't need as much exercise and the house is big enough for them. Plus, We could get a cat door for them. I just don't think big dogs are suitable for us. I was thinking a yorkshire terrier and dachshund! Or maybe a yorkie and pug. :) Definately a yorkie, though, I've wanted one for years.

Our 4 year anniversary is in March.. I can't believe it's been that long. We've been arguing a lot lately, though.. Not really sure what's going on. I guess we're just having a rough patch.. maybe the dieting and excercise is just getting to us at the moment. Hopefully it all settles down soon.. can't really take much more arguing. :/ Especially since work has been quite stressful as well.

Anyway, I need to make supper and do my workout now! Maybe some Mario later!
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Pucker up, Beautiful.
05 June 2008 @ 09:18 pm


Yay! I got my center lip peirced! ^_^ I love it. Though, The bar I have in at the moment has a HUGE ball. :/ But it's the only one I have that's long enough, so I'm stuck with it for now. I hope to soon get a nice long spike for it! >:] Muahahaha! I am going to be well hot when it comes time to go clubbing in a couple weekends.. Or atleast I hope so! I have a white lip service corset on the way, I'm going to buy some tight black pants with white pinstripes, some big clunky shoes and a spike for my lip! I'm also hoping to have cut my hair all short/spikey and dyed it blonde but I'm not sure if that'll happen in time. 

Can you tell my eyebrows are drawn on? I'm trying to make them look more natural until I can grow them back. I think it'll look better to have light brown eyebrows with white-blonde hair then black eyebrows. xD But I guess it all depends when I dye my hair and if they grow back fast enough. lol. Not like I can force them to grow.

Oh.. And yeah, Those are hair extensions. I was planning on keeping them for three months (Long enough that my parents can see them when they come to the UK in sept!!!) but sadly they keep coming loose!!!!! And I'm just getting way too frustrated to deal with them any longer. Plus, They can be well itchy.

In other news.. I'm well excited because I bought a new stretcher and am planning on making my ears HUGE! :D I already bought some pink and black plugs to wear when they're done. Yaaaay! ^_^ 

As for important stuff.. Richard thinks I might be bipolar! O_o Which would make a lot of sense. I took three online bipolar tests just to see if there might be a chance and I got 'Severe bipolar' each time and was told I should see my doctor as soon as possible. :) lol! Sadly, I don't have any good doctors at the moment, so I'm nervous about it doing it.. But I'll have to sooner or later. Plus, Our car is dead!! >_< So, If I make an appointment, I'm going to have to walk home from work then walk to the doctors office.. so much walking! It takes me an hour just to get home from work. Argh! I have been gaining weight, though, so I shouldn't really complain about getting some excercise. XD

That's it for now.. I'm tired and plan on going to bed early tonight. ^_^ Sleepy sleepy.

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Pucker up, Beautiful.
27 September 2007 @ 02:10 pm
Look! I have eyebrows! ^_~ I'm seriously proud of myself for growing them in! I've been trying for months now but whenever it gets really patchy I always end up feeling ugly and shaving them off. It's so nice to wake up in the morning and not look like an alien. And now I can go outside without having to draw on them on perfectly.

I've been a right bitch lately. Richard only has to look at me and I rip his head off. O_o I can't even blame it on pms as I don't get it, anymore. I suppose it could be the stress of everything that's going on and trying to loss weight. (I'm a fatty fat fat!) I still feel horrible, though...The poor guy doesn't know what to do with himself, anymore. XD

Anyway, We're going to an anime/sci-fi/comic convention in London in May! ^___^ I couldn't be more excited! I've never lived in an area where they've had anything of that sort or I've been too far away to go. (As I don't driiiive.) I'm going as dark Chii the first day and one of the girls from Di Gi Charat the next day! (Either Dejiko or Usada Hikaru, aka Rabbi~en~Rose. I can't even pronounce their names! XD But I used to adore that show.) Also, I'm making the costumes with my mother in law, Bunny! So, I can enter the competitions!

But before that we have a friend's birthday this Saturday and then a Christmas party on the 15th of December. I'm planning to hijack my mother in law near the time of the Christmas party and force her to find me a dress. She goes shopping all the time and always comes back with amazing dress for like...7£. -_-; It's because she haggles and bitches until the clerks give her a discount!! XD Plus, She's a seamstress, so she can buy clothes with things wrong with them and fix um up.

Oh! I forgot to mention, My hubby is going to teach me fire poi!! I've been doing a lot of exercising but it's not working as fast as I want, so he said I should do fire poi as he already has the equipment and it's hard work. ^_^

I think that's it..

No news on the court thing! I guess the landlords still going through with it.

Pucker up, Beautiful.
30 August 2007 @ 02:52 pm
Argh! We received another letter from our landlord (After sending him one in return to his ridiculous claims.) and he's totally ignored any evidence we gave him on our behave...has even claimed it helps his case. Now, Since we refuse to just give him money for things we didn't do or did do on his approval...he's threatening to go to the police. So, I spoke to a friend of mine (Whose boyfriend has a shit load of knowledge on law) and she says because he's threatened us for money we should go to the police ourselves. I didn't realize we could do so but her boyfriend said to tell them he's left us a threatening letter wanting money and to show them all our evidence. I just want this to be over with but I refuse to pay him for things we didn't do!

He's claiming the condensation inside the windows was caused due to dirt and grim being built up on the windows but I researched condensation and it's actually caused by dampness in the air. Which also causes mildew. (Which we had an abundance of.) Thankfully, The site I found also tells you how to prevent it and one of the measures is to get a dehumidifier...and guess what my parents bought us 6 months ago as a wedding gift? :) Because the mold was so bad......a dehumidifier. Not sure what I did with the receipt but I'm hoping mum has it still. As she keeps everything.

Another thing he's saying we did is throw away some furniture and appliances (Which we did as the non-stick coating on the pots was flaking into our food and other things were broken). And that we never got permission from him to do so. (Which is a blatant lie as both him AND his wife on several occasions said it was okay to do so. <_< As they were tossing everything in the tip when we moved out, anyway!!) Thankfully, Richard's mother was there when he said it TWICE and I was there on other occasions...so, at least we have witnesses.

I doubt he'll get any money out of us but it's the fact that he keeps lying!! It's so stressful. He was really nice when we first moved in...wouldn't fix things but still...he was always pleasant and listened to our complaints. And now, all of a sudden, that the windows are going to cost him 1000£ to fix we're terrible tenants! I mean, He's such a shit head!

The funny thing is he never did anything correctly. We never signed a contract when we first moved in, the first few months Richard would just sign a book saying he lived there, the landlord never did an inventory (Nor did a professional) and the tenancy agreement we signed says the place was an 'unfurnished house or apartment' when it was actually furnished. What the hell? *Rolls eyes*

Anyway, I have to stop thinking about it because my stomach is rolling. We plan to go talk to citizens advice and a lawyer if we have to. Hopefully the police too! (Just have to convince the hubby and his stubborn dad that it will help.)

Other then that, Not much to say. We've had a decent week...plan to go to Horsham this weekend to get some piercing needles at cost. (A friend knows the guy who owns the place and said all we have to say is his name and what we want. lol!) Can't do much else as we're still saying for the mortgage...

Oh! I'm getting new glasses on Saturday. Pink and purple ones with fake diamonds. :) I'm really excited. Buy one pair and the second free. And if you buy your glasses the same day you get your eyes checked then the eye exam is free too! :D Great since we don't have much money. lol!

I'm done now...Might complain more later. <_< >_>
Pucker up, Beautiful.
25 August 2007 @ 08:50 pm
- Ex-Landlord is trying to sue us for condensation inside the windows of our old apartment and the damage the mold caused to the walls. (Which was caused by the apartment being damp. We told him about it a million times but he just said to paint over it.) So, That's a bunch of fun. He won't get anywhere but it's still a headache.
- Dyed my hair pink...That's good news, btw. It looks amazing and I can't understand why I never went pink in the past.
- Went to see Amber (The dog I was going to adopt) and she bit me. <_< I walked up behind her and leaned down to pet her back...she turned around and snapped at me while growling! I know she's been abused in the past but I cannot handle being bitten or attacked. So, Needless to say...that didn't go well. XD We didn't really get along well, anyway...she spent most of the time near my husband and his friend Kerrin and ignored me. :/ Not really what I want. So, I told Sue (The woman fostering her) and she said it was all right...that Amber would just stay with them. Which is good but still...*Sad face*
- I've got a headache.
- ....

Can't type much more as it was a three hour drive to see Amber (We thought it was an hour and 45min when we told her we would come up for a visit. XD)...So, I'm exhausted. I didn't drive, as I can't, but all that heat and sun.

I think I'm going to get my dog from a registered breeder instead of a rescue. Because, although, I would love to rescue a dog I can only have one for the next 4-5 years (As we can't afford more for about that time period) and I really want it to be a loving, playful dog without any past horrors...I definately want to adopt in the future, though. And even foster! I think I'll call him Icherous and Icky for short. XD

Anyway, Night for now. I'm not feeling so well. ^^;
Pucker up, Beautiful.
20 August 2007 @ 04:27 am
Gah! I'm so excited! ^_^ I have 10 needles coming in the mail and a friend of mine is spending me a massive load of jewelery/plugs/stretchers!!  It shall all arrive some time this week.

I plan on doing my Medusa and bridge first! Then hopefully center lip, left labret and two anti eyebrows to follow. :) We'll see how much the hubby can handle first, though. lol!

Richard (My boy) wants some done too but he's really picky about what he has on his face as he's lost quite a few eyebrow and ear piercings in the past. I'm hoping to convince him to get his bridge and septum done! After I upload a picture or two of him you guys will have to help me out on deciding what he should get done.  I think those would look best, though. He wants his eyebrows redone (All three) but we'll have to wait and get those done professionally as I really don't want to fuck up his beautiful face. lol! So far I've only done one septum and two ears, so three eyebrow piercings are a bit out of my range of knowledge but we'll see, I guess.

It's horrible having to wait for everything to arrive...

Not much else to say! I plan on scanning a few piece of art I did. As it's the first thing I've done in months and it's quite awesome, if I do say so myself...and I do. ;)

Richard is working until 4:00-ish, so I'm left to twiddle my thumbs all alone. We're still at the in-laws but they're rarely home. (Not that I'm complaining!) Guess that's it! Much love... xxx

Pucker up, Beautiful.
16 August 2007 @ 09:07 pm
Ah! Exhausted...

Richard starts his 'new' job tomorrow. ^_^ He's switching departments in the same building but it's awesome because he's going from working 4 days on and 4 days off.....4 of those days being 7am-8pm and the other 4 being 8pm-8am...to only monday-friday day shifts....from 8-5. :) Plus, He can leave work early if he doesn't take a lunch or comes in early! They're really flexible.

I'm nervous for him, though...Fingers crossed that everything goes well!

It's well shitty, though, that our car still isn't fixed. Hopefully it will be by next weekend as we have plans. ^_^ Me, Kerrin, Richard, Tom and Richard's sister Emma are going to the beach! It's about an hour's drive but well worth it. I haven't been to the beach in ages! Well, Since I moved here....almost a year ago now. O_O;

Anyway, I have loads of things to do...Nothing insanely interesting. Just finishing up a drawing I did...first since I moved here. lol! I'm hoping to scan it soon as it's well good...best thing I've drawn in forever. Also started a new Dean Koontz book...I'm well excited. (How sad is that? ;D)

Night all. <3
Pucker up, Beautiful.
11 August 2007 @ 06:09 pm

I think my typing fingers are finally rested enough to return to livejournal! ;)

Haven't been up to much in jolly old England! We moved out of our crappy little flat and are staying with my in-laws until we finalize our mortgage (Yes, We're buying our own house!) for 160,000£. Richard's friend Kerrin is buying it with us! We're hoping to get a heap of a house and do it up exactly as we want it...all the bells and whistles.

On another note, I got a dog! ^_^ She's from a rescue center. Her name's Amber and she's 5 years old. :) I only have a small collection of photos of her at the moment, so I'll upload this one but when I get some better ones I'll upload them too. She's still staying with her foster mum but when the house is finalized and we moved in she's coming down! We're supposed to be going to see her in a couple weekends to make sure she's exactly what we want. I'm so excited! (Btw, She's shaved everywhere but her head, ears and paws because her old owner tried to drown her in the Liverpool river and her fur became all matted. :( They tried to save most of it but there wasn't much they could do. It's growing in nicely, though!)

Not much else to say! Our brakes went the other day when we were driving and we almost crashed! *Rolls eyes* I couldn't believe it...Something else to pay for. LOL! It's not too big a deal, though, we have quite a lot in the bank and my parent's are sending us a heap load to keep us balanced. :) Hopefully once we get our house we can buy a new car, though. Because the one we have now is such a pile of crap! Not to mention, Trying to kill us! :P

I think I'm finally settled in here, anyway. lol. ^_^ I'm going to apply for a job at the rspca around here but if it doesn't work out then Richard said I could take a small course in Vet work and do that! As his friend, Ru, took it and had a great time...plus, she got a good job and was able to take animals home at night. ;) Sounds perfect to me. Not overly bothered about the pay! Any bit extra is good...At least then I'll be able to buy my own things and not feel like a pain. ;)

Speaking of money! Richard told me the other day he bought me a Christmas for around 300-400£. :0 I'm now VERY curious what the hell I would mention I wanted that cost that much. LOL! For those of you who don't know...whenever I say I like something or want it Richard makes a mental note for the future. :)


I think that's it! :) I'll try and keep this thing up to date from now on but we all know how bad I am. ^_~ Oh! I'm blond now! But either going Orange, Purple or red in the very near future...if anyone has a preference or idea of what they think would look best then that would be awesome! <3

One last thing, My new wig! :

Pucker up, Beautiful.
28 November 2005 @ 09:28 pm

Teeth marks scar my neck,
While bruises coat my breasts…
Memories of a restless night by your side,
Of hours spent undressed.
Lips bathed with your torturous kiss,
Forever painted a rose red tint.

All reminders
Of what I hope will never be